Duration : 1h30-2h00Schedule : 12:15Price : 75 € per person

We invite you to indulge in two of France’s best products: wine and cheese! A sommelier will expertly guide you through a wonderful tasting experience! Santé et bon appétit!

What is included

- 1 English speaking sommelier giving a fun and informative presentation
- Privatisation of our wine cellars for the group
- 1 selection of artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and bread baskets (same bakery as the president of France)
- The list of the wines we’ll taste and a cheat sheet handed out at the end of the class
- Riedel Glassware
- 5 good French wines (including 1 Champagne)

What will you taste

- 5 Glasses of wines
- Cheeses
- Charcuteries

What will you learn

- Champagne: how it is made and what makes it special
- Wine appreciation techniques: how to taste wine properly – techniques and vocabulary
- How to read a French wine label
- The main wine regions of France – the grapes they grow, the style of wines they make
- Food and wine pairings: helpful tips and recommendations
- Plus answers to any questions you may have
O Chateau’s Wine and Cheese Lunch has become a landmark for any gourmet traveler. We designed this tasting as a fun and different way to have a meal in Paris. Instead of going to yet another restaurant, our Wine and Cheese Lunch is a great oppportunity not only to taste good French products but also to get an education about them.

The tasting starts at noon in our 17th century wine cellar right near the Louvre. We’ll taste six different wines, coming from 6 different regions of France. From Champagne to Bordeaux, from Sancerre to the Rhone… just sit back and enjoy this tasty Tour de France of wine – O Chateau style!

Most of the presentation will be focused on wine. Yet, our sommelier will suggest pairings, will explain to you why this cheese might work better with that wine. While you indulge in two of France’s best delicacies, you will learn about French wine, how to read a french label, how to pair it with food; you’ll be taken through a tour of France’s main wine regions…

A day spent walking around Paris can certainly create an appetite, so servings of wine and cheese are generous. Plus we add some charcuterie (smoked ham from the South West of France, saucisson from Corsica…) to bring even more joy and color to the table.

Santé et Bon appétit!
Ô Chateau is located in the heart of Paris, at 68 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Between Montmartre and rue Montergueil, the wine bar is at the crossroads of a dynamic and lively district.