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The history of Ô Chateau

The story of Ô Chateau is first and foremost that of a meeting. That of Nicolas Paradis and Olivier Magny, a solid friendship forged on the rugby fields of ESSEC. Then a meeting around a common passion, wine. It is also the story of a professional reconversion for the two men which gives birth to the company Ô Chateau in 2004, specialized in oenology courses.

In 2011, as a consecration, the two partners create the largest wine bar in Paris. Neighboring the Canopée des Halles, Ô Chateau is now located in the heart of the capital, in a first district in full bloom and which participates in the renewal of the center of Paris. The place impresses as much as it seduces, by its volume and its character.

Our philosophy and values

Ô Chateau’s goal is to make great wines accessible to as many people as possible. Accessibility to wine, as opposed to the usual practices that can inhibit novices in a still secret and closed world.

At Ô Chateau, all the participants are above all enlightened amateurs driven by a passion for wine. Thus, the sommeliers strive to transmit their knowledge in a playful and educational way, through stories that embody the wine tasted.

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