The Ô Chateau adventure starts in 2004 with the idea of sharing our passion for wine and make its culture more accessible.
We opened our Wine Bar in 2011 as a place for everyone: people who like wine, who love it, who are intrigued by it, who have no clue about it… Opened to all those who feel some sort of an attraction to wine.

We have built Ô Chateau with passion and experience as a place to share great moments and keep smiling. Our focus is to always serve you something good and new. The wine selection changes every week and is made with our choices and discoveries, organized by region and country in all price ranges. We will do our best to make sure your experience is great and unforgettable.



We’re just a good looking bunch!

Alexandre Savoie

Chef Sommelier with a Quebec accent, Alex chooses all the wines of Ô Chateau with passion (hard job!)…Sometimes son humor is questionable but his quality of tasting balance with it!

Baptiste Salomon

Bar Manager with a talent of actor…Baptiste will warmly welcome you with an English charm…

Marine    Guinet

Marine is our last arrival at Ô Chateau…She is in charge of organizing your events, inside and outside our places to let you spend a great moment…

Olivia Mahoungou

Véritable couteau Suisse, Olivia will provide you her full energy and all you need to stay in a good mood…

Romain Delaunay

Pince sans rire à l’humour narquois, Romain and the whole bar team are here to make you discover all our wines in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Annalisa Valentino

Our little bolognese sunshine pampers our customers and brightens our days with her extravagant Italian energy. You won’t miss her!

Marie Andrillon

Marie is the artist of the team… In charge of all the graphic design creations for both Ô Chateau and Les Caves du Louvre, Marie gladly shares her enthusiastic initiatives with us…

Nicolas Paradis

Founder of the Wine Bar and Les Caves de Louvre, Nicolas runs Ô Chateau with a velvet hand and an iron glove (or it might be the opposite) when his three children leave him some time to work…


They conduct our wine tastings with their passion and talent


American married to a French, Daniel loves France so much that he has become wine maker in Loire Valley too…


Pierre is the dean (!) of our sommeliers…He will let you discover all the secrets of the wine and share his big passion…


From Reunion Island, Richard is full of energy and the soul of the group! He will let you spend a funny and pleasant tasting.


Qualified and multilingual sommelier, Luiz sur-diplomé et polyglotte, Luis ne reniera ses origines brésiliennes que lorsqu’il tentera de vous faire un passement de jambe à la Ronaldo…


The art of hospitality and the art of service are Alain’s watchwords. He conducts our wine tastings in a relaxed yet highly elegant manner, from the most accessible to most meticulous, and through the quirkiest paths…


Annabelle is the ultimate feminine representative within our team of sommeliers! She brings us sweetness and all her knowledgable skill set of foreign wines, which she acquired as she wandered in the wine worlds abroad.


Here is THE sommelier as we imagine him: elegant, meticulous, with great class… His humor and sharp spirit will for sure entertain a great wine tasting, «avec style»!


Joy for life, drive, likable youthful insolence and motivation are what make Aurélien a sommelier who will transform your wine tasting into a pure moment of sharing and pleasure. In the most simple way.


Because working together doesn’t exclude being friends…

We would not have become what we are today without our partners and their trust and professionalism that provided us innovation and quality for our products…




(of the highest wine tasting in the world)

In October 2009, Ô Chateau broke the record of the highest Wine Tasting in the world. We partenered up with Vueling to arrange this once in a lifetime event. It was lots of fun for us, as well as for the passengers onboard that day: we offered an unforgettable tasting of three catalan wines with a fun and innovative approach!


(made at Ô Chateau)

“Because no great story started with a glass of orange juice”

Since the opening, Ô Chateau has let to four weddings and three relationships. But not only: also three babies “made at Ô Chateau” are born! …and more! it seems that our Champagne Cruise inspires some of our customers for making their wedding proposal! That’s, of course, thank to the romantic atmosphere of the cruise down the River Seine…or maybe because of too much Champagne?!


(for our wine list)

O Chateau was the first ever Parisian wine bar to receive the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence (since 2012). Since 2013 our restaurant is mentioned by the guide Gault & Millau and Lebey…The gourmand community love us and we are proud of that!


(creation and innovation)

Since the opening, Ô Chateau improved the experience to better satisfy the needs and the wishes of the customers. In 2015, we open a new place called Les Caves du Louvre, unique place in Paris that completes the offer of Ô Chateau with a sensorial experience to discover French wine…

Not very sensible! (our banker is still having nightmares about that…) notre banquier en fait encore des cauchemars…) but the wine is our passion and the best way for us to prove it is to take risks!

OChateau white