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O Chateau is all about making the culture of wine more fun and more accessible. It’s been our motto since crazy 20 somethings started the adventure back in 2004!

We believe that wine education is not rocket science and that wine tastings should be both fun and interesting. In 2011, we opened in our new home, which we conceived as a Parisian heaven for wine lovers. We created a space which we thought was lacking in Paris: a place like no other. A place with great wines, a fun vibe, a laid-back team and a nice decor.  In short: we created the place we wanted to hang out at!!

In 2017, O Chateau won the award for the Best Wine List in France. It is a tremendous recognition of all the work we put in to find all these enchanting wines for our clients.

We have served thousands of clients over the years, and each one of them has been part of this adventure. We could not be more thankful and very much look forward to your visit!!



We’re just a good looking bunch!

Olivier Magny

Olivier is the quirky founder of O Chateau. He started the company at age 23 and since then has also authored 3 books about wine and his fellow French people (Stuff Parisians Like, Into Wine, and WTF?!). Olivier is passionate about food & wine. He makes sure clients all have a grand time at O Chateau!

Nicolas Paradis

Nicolas is the founder and designer of the Wine Bar. As the Managing Director of O Chateau he is in charge of every boring detail and key issues.. when his three kids leave him alone!…

Alexandre Savoie

Alex is our head sommelier. He probably has the best job in the world as he spends most of his time tasting and selecting the wines that we will serve. When he doesn’t do that, he just shares his knowledge with our guests. Tough life!

Marine Guinet

Marine is our events planner. She has the eye, the talent and the leadership skills to turn an idea into a spectacular event. Marine is attentive and will never settle for less than amazing! If she’s in charge of your event, you’re in good hands!

Olivia Mahoungou

Olivia is our problem solver and mood booster. Watching her work (sometimes with her legendary poncho), we can’t get over the fact that her job is not a more common one in any company.

Romain Launay

Romain is a sommelier with extensive experience in the restaurant world. He has that special Parisian dry humor that goes on your and that makes most people just order that extra glass of wine, just to see!

Annalisa Valentino

Our little bolognese sunshine pampers our customers and brightens our days with her extravagant Italian energy.

Marie Andrillon

Marie is the artist of the team, she’s our graphic designer in charge of making sure that everything looks beautiful for our clients.


They conduct our wine tastings with their passion and talent


Though he’s originally from New Orleans, Daniel has been living most of his life in France with his French wife and children. Daniel is also the owner of a winery in the Loire Valley.


Pierre is a trained winemaker. He’s always in a good mood and shares his passion with enthusiasm and benevolence. Guaranteed good times.


Richard is a natural entertainer. After having managed a wine shop in both Paris and China, he’s now the life of the party for all the tasting he hosts at O Chateau.


Frédéric is a young wine entrepreneur who had started a wine school overseas. When in paris, he shared his passion and experience with our clients!


Alain is the ultimate French gentleman. His sense of service, his attention to details, and his passion for anything food and wine make him a fantastic ambassador for French wine.


Annabelle travelled the world of wine extensively. She brings her charm and her experience to our team of sommeliers!


Gérald is as meticulous, precise and knowledgeable as you imagine a French sommelier to be. He adds sharp wit and a beautiful spirit to the table!


Aurélien has a devouring passion for wine. His attentiveness, kindness and knowledge will make your tasting with Aurélien a time to remember.




(of the highest wine tasting in the world)

In October 2009, Ô Chateau broke the record of the highest Wine Tasting in the world. We partenered up with Vueling to arrange this once in a lifetime event. It was lots of fun for us, as well as for the passengers onboard that day: we offered an unforgettable tasting of three catalan wines with a fun and innovative approach!


(made at Ô Chateau)

“Because no great story started with a glass of orange juice”

O Chateau is a place where love strikes. 8 happy (and current) couples have met at O Chateau, 4 weddings have been celebrated, 3 babies have been born and one more is on the way. We have no doubt that these kids will be great wine tasters! Also noteworthy, several clients have picked our Champagne Cruise to propose to their bride. So far, they always said yes 🙂


(for our wine list)

O Chateau was the first ever Parisian wine bar to receive the Wine Spectator Award of Excellences. Since then, we have been distinguished every year not only by the Wine Spectator but also by prestigious French guidebooks Gault & Millau and Lebey. Given the competition in beautiful Paris, it is a real honor. In 2017, Terre de Vins Magazine awarded O Chateau with the award for the Best Wine List in France.


(creation and innovation)

At O Chateau, we are passionate. And as such, we’re also mildly insane. So we’re the same team behind Les Caves du Louvre and It’s my wine. We love to innovate and to get ourselves into exciting projects, provided that good wine keeps flowing!