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Laherte Frères


Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Fruity notes and floral aromas, the mouth feels quite ripe. The finish is long lasting and precise, with hints of honey and spices.

About the estate

The estate of Champagne Laherte et Frères is located in Chavot. The Laherte family has been perpetuating a long tradition of Champagne making, and ever since 1889, the different generations have been working on sharing their experiences and energies in order to produce the best Champagne possible. Nowadays, the estate owns 25 acres of vines, spread into 75 differents plots which are like a mozaic of different terroirs, allowing these artists winemakers to really express themselves. Thierry Laherte is conducting the vineyard according to biodynamic principles, in order to preserve a pure expression of the Champagne and their terroir.

Laherte Frères

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