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Vodka Veuve Capet



Named after the widow of Louis the XVIth, Marie-Antoinette, the Veuve Capet vodka is the first vodka created using chardonnay grapes from the prestigious region of Côtes des Blanc in the heart of the Champagne area. This vodka has been distilled 5 times, creating a very unique beverage. Very fragrant it offers citrusy and yellow stone fruit aromas. On the palate, even the power, the vodka is smooth and lush thanks to several distillations. Vodka Veuve Capet is the perfect ingredient of your refined cocktails, can also be enjoyed « on the rocks » to ease off after a meal.


Vodka Veuve Capet is the fruit of the passion of two friends: Timothée Duguit and Victor Duminil. They are passionate about the world of spirits and deeply linked to their region of origin, Champagne. These two entrepreneurs wanted to give vodka a new image by bringing to it the prestige of the Champagne region. The first batch was created in 2014, and since it has become a success.

Vodka Veuve Capet

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