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Sylvie Spielmann

Riesling Grand Cru


A great Riesling with complex aromas. The mouthfeel is smooth, elegant and generous. Its freshness and minerality on the finish in particular is typical of the Kanzlerberg terroir. This wine has a great aging potential, and will keep on becoming more complex with time.

About the estate

The 8 hectare estate based in Bergheim, the Sylvie Spielmann domain’s is unique both by its terroirs and by the assertive personality of its owner. The Spielmann family was first of all a pioneer in Alsace by exploiting the quarry of Gypsum of Bergheim for almost a century. She then completed her activity with vinegrowing. The quarry is no longer exploited but Gypsum remains very present in the life of the estate and the style of the wines. It is responsible for a particular micro-climate; The clay-marl-limestone soils are quite heavy and the climate allows havesting little later than elsewhere.

Sylvie Spielmann

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