Duration : 3 daysPrice : 660 € per person

Fans will find here to improve their knowledge through a proven method of tasting and an opening on the international wine.

What is included

- Wine courses
- Tastings
- Diploma

What will you taste

- 45 to 50 wines and spirits

What will you learn

- The development of different styles of wine
- Factors that influence the style of wine
- The main white and red varieties and their characteristics
- The major wine-growing regions where these varieties are cultivated worldwide
- The elaboration of sparkling wines, sweet and fortified
- The labeling terms
- The principles of food and wine pairing
- The main categories of spirits and liqueurs and their elaboration
- How to describe a wine according to WSET's Systematic Wine Tasting Approach (Level 2)
Recommended for all professions requiring a good knowledge of the product, this training is based on the technique of tasting, knowledge of factors influencing the style of wines, the main grape varieties and wine regions of the world, and decryption of labels.
Ô Chateau is located in the heart of Paris, at 68 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Between Montmartre and rue Montergueil, the wine bar is at the crossroads of a dynamic and lively district.
We offer complete refunds for cancellations notified at least 2 weeks before the date of the event. Within 14 to 3 days notice, the cancellation fee amounts to 50% of the total amount paid. Within 3 to 0 days of the date of your tasting or tour, cancellation fee amounts to 100% of the total amount paid.